February 2015

It’s taken me sum time

by Johnny on February 27, 2015

I would try and over and over to write down the events of my life.  I would get so caught up in the smallest details that I would get tired of writing.  I wanted to describe my life like Ernest Hemmingway would or Walt Whitman.  I wanted everyone to feel exactly how I did in the moment it was happening, but alas, I am no Hemmingway or Whitman, I am just Johnny and my words do not flow like the greats.

Over the years several people have told me that I should write or have someone write a book about my life.  I am definitely an interesting character and my friends are crazy.  I always told those people that my life is just my life and there are people out there doing amazing things or living a much harder life than I am they are the ones that should be writing their stories down.  Then it happened, one day in 2004, my son was born and it changed my life.

Being on disability brings about a stereotype, especially these days.  Even though, I have a legitimate reason for being on disability, people still classify me as being lazy and wanting to suck off the government and not be a productive citizen.  Now, I am not really concerned about what these people think, but now I have a son and I don’t want him growing up thinking that I am lazy and it’s ok to stay at home and not do anything.  I am raising a MAN and in order to do such a thing I must lead by example.  It’s not ok for me to preach from the tower of parenthood and not do something to show him that hard work and practice does pay off.  All my son knows about me is what I show him.  He doesn’t know where I have been or what I have done.  Writing a book at this stage in my life would give my son a glimpse into what I have endured through out my life.  We have already concluded that I can not write, but what I can do is run my mouth.  So, I saved my money and bought a bunch of equipment to do a podcast about my life.  If I can’t write about it, I can surely talk about it.  In February 2015, I launched my first episode of Its All About Me, Johnny!! My son has watched me set this up and launch and I am hoping that he will see that just because I have a disability, I am still able to do something that might just end being beneficial.

It’s All About Me Johnny will be about me, my life, the people in my life and my thoughts.  I can tell you that I have already lost one friend fro m doing this and I am sure others will get mad.  See, its ok to talk about me, but to bring someone else into the mix, I guess that’s not ok.  I was a little hurt that I have the potential to lose people in my life over this, but this show isn’t about them, it’s about me, its always about me Johnny.  I would never go out of my way to hurt someone in my life.  If you are lucky enough to be talked about in an episode you should feel good that it has impacted my life enough to the point that I have brought it up on a show.

It’s taken me sum time to get here–  to share my life with everyone, to put myself on the chopping the block.  I have no doubts people will criticize me, call me names and put me on blast for one thing or another, but thats how its been for a long time now, I am used to it.  It’s those people that should pay attention to the episode I’m going to do on bullying– they might learn something.  Truth is, I hope my son will be able to go back and listen to these episodes and get a feel for what I have been through.  I am hoping to reach just one person and that person is my son.

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Economics? Politics? Love!!?? WTF!!!!!

by Johnny on February 26, 2015


You got that right.  Everything I said I wouldn’t do, I did!!! It’s been one hell of a crazy day and these are just things that enter my mind.  I can’t help it!! Trust me, my brain is hurting real bad after this episode.  I don’t know what the hell got into me.  I’m just going to start going with my first thoughts and running with them.  It’s been quite a “journey” in this here episode.  OH HEY, if you are bored why don’t you hit that SUBSCRIBE button; so you too can become as crazy as me and never ever and I do mean ever miss an episode of Johnny Its All About Me!!!


Welcome to my head

February 24, 2015

Are you ready to take the leap into the unknown?   Many have tried to enter my head with little success, but I can see that you are brave so go ahead, give it a shot.  This episode you will get just a taste of what this podcast will be about.  All I can say […]

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