May 2015


by Johnny on May 6, 2015


It’s funny– because sometimes we feel the need to just ramble and maybe thats what I did, but I have a point.  The challenge for you is can you see what my point is?  Can you understand what I am actually talking about?  I just got done talking to someone on Skype and I am 100% positive that they think I’m a freak.  Usually, that would bother me, but today, or tonight, it makes me smile.  I asked the person about their life and about their situation, I’m not one to play dumb, but tonight I felt it was especially good because it just fed into my podcast.  We all have masks?  We all have things that we hide, right?  This was just a perfect example of what I was talking about during this rambling rant.  That is by no means to take away from the person that I was talking to– it was more of a compliment.  Is it bad that I use people as an expiremet to see if what I am saying is correct?  I mean, you guys will not know who I was talking to or what was said, but just know a “man” or “woman” of mystery can only mean one thing– they have something to hide.  I get the forum as to which we may have met, but bottom line is a mask is a mask is a mask, period bottom line.  How refreshing is it to meet someone and get complete honesty?  How refreshing is it to strip away the mask?  Most of us can’t handle the truth.  Most of think that telling the truth will lead to an outcome that we don’t want to deal with, but I ask again, how refreshing is it to meet someone and get complete honesty.

Give this one a listen.  I like it.

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