My Parents

by Johnny on March 6, 2015


I have to know the types of people I am dealing with to understand why I am the way I am.  I have to understand what kind of relationship they had to understand why I see the world the way I do.  For me it’s an important step to figuring out Johnny.  After doing that episode I am amazed at the things I don’t know about my parents.  I should be more surprised that I have to piece their lives and relationship together, but I’m not.  I should be one traumatized mofo and have horrible family values, but I just don’t, family means the world to me.  If anyone can learn anything from this podcast– share your life with your kids.  Let them know where you come from and more importantly tell them about how you met your loved one.  I really wish I had that.  You wonder why It’s All About Me!!! because I never knew how to share.

By the way, my Facebook page is finally up–  I also did not do much editing on this podcast and I haven’t listened to it; so if there are  mistakes please excuse them.  If you are listening to my podcasts and coming to this site to read these blogs– please leave messages

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